meetings along the edge

by M.A.t.E (Meetings Along the Edge )

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Μ.A.t.E s first album


released November 22, 2013



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M.A.t.E (Meetings Along the Edge ) Thessaloniki, Greece

M.A.t.E is an electronic band from Thessaloniki Greece experimenting with live electronics ,a real drum set and a vocalist.from cinematic to drum n bass and from hiphop to dubstep they create without limits what they want to hear blending different genres in an artfull way!enjoy ... more

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Track Name: time to lose
Time to Lose
There comes a time when you realise you're left behind
All of the things you compromised
Have got you tied
There comes a time you finally learn you have to lose
Only this way you'll understand
You get to choose
Tell me what you want, what your need is
What your deepest fear is
Tell me what you want
Tell me what you need
Tell me what you feel,
what's your deepest fear
Track Name: fullmoon
Full Moon
Sometimes I'm going astray
moving so far away
blown by the wind
The air is different tonight
under the fullmoon light
can't get no sleep
I gaze up towards the sky
and I keep wondering why
I've always heard them preach that
The moon is out of reach
out of hand
out of time
ran out of sight
out of where you really wanna go
out of who you really wanna be
what's the dream that you keep hiding endlessly?
Well nobody's keeping you away
Do what you can really do
Turn into a wolf, storm into the streets, follow your steps to wherever they lead
Do what you can really do
Turn into a wolf, storm into the streets, follow your steps to wherever they lead
because you can
when I close my eyes I dance by my tune, break through the ceiling and blow the roof-yeah bark at the moon and howl, no limitations now, no reasons to be found, no
mirrored in the moon I see the things I can't get to
there are no limits to what we do
Lasts not as long as life
Just as long as moonlight
Track Name: Bön
Comes out in the night and hides at day
Like roach in the mind
It always finds another way
to enter inside
When a storm breaks
with no water
When the earth shakes
without really moving nowhere
When a flame starts
with no fire
but you're burnt up
When you're wounded
with no blood shed
When it's not real
how can you heal
How can you heal?
I pull the strings attached to me
but never really see
who is
this dance for
the curtain's closing in
and when it goes down
I regret it somehow
cause when it goes down
it leaves
never stays
for longer than what I can take
What's left
behind for me?
Calling out for me
What do you reach for?
I'm movin' on
Track Name: redrum
Meet me at the edge
Out in the black forest
No one is supposed to walk the woods alone
There, out of his lair
Right in nowhere, hides he
Moving on his toes, lurking for those who roam
The way was long, the path was getting darker
Between the trees the light was getting dim
She heard a noise like someone was behind her
She turns to see who is it, and she sees
And she sees him

His arms were too strong
His eyes were too yellow
His teeth were too long

And she said to him
You think you can seduce me with your eyes
You think you are the only one who tries, no
You think you can seduce me with your lies
You know that I will never run to hide
So, go
Leave me alone
Not going home with you
Leave me alone
I'm going home all by my own
and when she turned his eyes were saying
oh, that the wolf was never playing
Long teeth like a predator
He got me hooked up with his fingerclaws
I was trapped by a true carnivore
Dirty blues is why a little girl trips
Got a uzi and a twenty-shooter
Like I play my hell tricks
and amputate his tendrills
Put on my hood and left him
Too bad he fell for it
Track Name: leap of faith
Leap of Faith
If you're breaking to a beat how you gonna stand all the time of moving ahead, you're back to
nowhere, bending over and you know that was all your decision to make, you're in the same place,
getting no deeper than surface.
Pull together your limbs and go, resist and you'll become uproot by the flow, the ones that bend
aside adjust by the side, the ones that never fight are wooed by the sight.
Back to nowhere, bending over, tormented to stay I believe in a rover. Pure to lie and deny what's
impact tonight in your mind and you're growing older.
Pull together your fooling mind and you're going to never lose this game again, no you're never
going to lose.
In your throat
You still got the apple-bite of Eden
You can't jump leaps of faith, cause your limbs are uneven
If you're breaking to a beat how you gonna stand all the time of moving ahead, you're back to
Forlorn, stiff and stark like a spark
Roots are long, stiff and sharp in the mind
say no
moving on
say no play with something
leave your throat tonight
play with something
deep inside +