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released March 25, 2016

Music by M.A.t.E
Adam Siagas : Live Electronics
Thomas Kostoulas : Drums
Maria Elissavet Kotini : Vocals
Recorder at Mate Studio by Totsouko
Mix : Totsouko and Mate
Master : Christos Megas

Cover : Michel Lamoller



all rights reserved


M.A.t.E (Meetings Along the Edge ) Thessaloniki, Greece

M.A.t.E is an electronic band from Thessaloniki Greece experimenting with live electronics ,a real drum set and a vocalist.from cinematic to drum n bass and from hiphop to dubstep they create without limits what they want to hear blending different genres in an artfull way!enjoy ... more

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Track Name: Universal Dub
Universal Dub

In the time of hurricanes no one seems to draw the line
You wanna tame the hurricanes but in the end you don't know why

In the times when fools are kings all the wisemen talk so low
You need to find what to believe instead of seeking what to blow

Portray your image how much time will you waste
portray your image and you're losing your own pace
You lose your essence while looking for your dressings
while you up in hills the gravity is messing you
Track Name: Surya

Yeah, I jumped off cliffs,
I crossed the seven seas,
went through million faces to pass to the other side
Now I can see clear
so distant, yet so near
a place I've always known
but found for the first time

Yeah I jumped off cliffs and I crossed the seven seas, went through million faces to find the one I was
Now I can see clear, distant yet so near, I place I've always known but I was never looking close
Track Name: Bad Dream
Bad Dream

They look at you, hide your face
No matter what you realize, your eyes still stare
They look and you hide in your cage
No matter what you fantasize, you bind yourself

You drown in space
No sound or place
You’re trying to face
Your distal trace

You looked and you found your face
No matter what you realize, your shape is fake
Go search behind, dive in yourself
And then you’ll find that image lies
Reflection fails

And that’s why you fear most to go
That’s what you’re getting nauseous for
That’s what you breed roses for
That’s what you pick thorns for
That’s why you just can’t let go
That’s why you refuse to know
That’s what you feel hollow for
That’s what your bad dreams are for
Track Name: Realm
Realm of Mind

I’m building up a place in my mind
My very own world
Sun rises and moon falls and it’s all inside a blur
Imagining a place in my head
I’m reigning the abyss
No stumbles, no place to stop
Just moving out of reach

I’m in flow when I see where pettiness is getting you
I’m in flow when I see that shading really ate you
I’m in flow, overstaying juvenile to you
Your place was brought to life by mind
Do you reach?

I’m picturing a world in the void
My words make it exist
Long rivers flow through me
Surrounding me with bliss
I’m closing my eyes and I see
the source of my release:
In a depth up high lights a darkened light
Blazing out of reach
Track Name: Caravan

Had a home much too long, now
now it's time for a line out
Leave behind my old mind and self
Have no home and no past to sell
I want it all

I want it all, but to carry out this I must bail
I want it all, I need to fight this
Against my will to dwell

Yeah, life’s a way of countless visions
And it flows away into new divisions

I want it all, now
Someday I’ll know how
Track Name: Rugged

I am Almighty and I sail the sea
my spirit is there where the lusty sirens meet
the wind is sometimes a friend to me
and sometimes it blows me like an old known enemy
My compass doesn’t point to the north and west
it’s stuck in my chest and it drags me through my quest
I hold a map with no signs on it
and watch my traces unfold into the route that I seek

“Come on over….. Hail to the Rover”
I can hear the sirens sing
their luring voices won't tempt me in

I am my own captain and commander
Sailing above the sea or sailing under
I am my own captain and commander
I roam the sea and plunder

Death doesn’t scare me I feel his breath
stretching my arm and I can touch his forehead

And all the treasures I find behind I leave
for I see nothing is worth to keep
Gold is as heavy as a ball and chain

Come on over
Come on Pirate of the Streets
Hail to the Rover
Their luring voices won’t tempt me in
Track Name: 190

We change our respiration by changing needs
But lack in inspiration to follow our leads
We're giving out donations, as righteous deeds
Our non-evaluation will cost no fee

We like playing with deviations and shortcuts
We’re never satisfied truly and quit
Due to the power of expectancy
Due to the need of our captivity
Due to the terror of transparency
We get illusions without waking free

We like to sleep, the mind's so numb here

Drawn to new, yet we're drawing away from unfamiliar ways

Like dragged by a wheel, unable of stopping
Trying to grasp and to steer, but the handles are cutting
Like saying that we wanna see a future, looking back
complaining about severe destructions, cause we run out of luck

While you' re trapped in you choose the most inviting
While you' re trapped in you choose the most destructive

Dislike what's known and what's familiar
Despise what’s worn and what’s material
Deny what’s fed into your brain
Try anew and whatever that means
Track Name: Κling

Have to get to the core
Never let go
Fail to lose - Clinging

Steady is the way of control
Dive into it
Time is consuming as you know

When you have to get to the core, no you can never let go
You’re like a moth drawn to the flame, can’t hold it back by no way
When you have to get to the core, no you can never let go
You’re kinda clinging to the chase, after the shadow you raise
Track Name: Sing

Some knights are black, some knights are white
Some of them are leaving you without a fight, while
One is cutting through the way
Sky is almost turning grey
One is fighting without guilt
Fighting without doubt
But with a power that brings your ins out
It’s coming through to you, don’t you deny it
It cuts through you, but you deny it

Since you’re leaving, come to my dorm to sing
Sing till morning, chase my eternal sleep

Some knights are black, some knights are white
Some are getting cut through inside a fight...

Since you're leaving till morning
Come to my dorm to sing